Your article on mastering soft skills was a goldmine! Your breakdown of pivotal takeaways from diverse books was a revelation.

Thanks for the amazing insights!

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Awesome list Addy!

One of my newest favorite books is: The Software Engineer’s Guidebook.

It feels like the missing guidebook I need in my career journey.

Everything from:

Owning your career to project management to promotions to compensation to understanding the business, etc.

Really solid read.

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Making Things Worth Making.

Everybody Deserves a Mentor, By Tony Fadell.


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Great list, luckily I got to know about multipliers from the igpost Addy did long back after his leaddev session. And thanks to Amazon for suggesting me books like start with why and The coaching habit. Although I am yet to read rest from this list, still each of the books provide unique perspective which shapes your personality and perspective for the bigger journey of life.

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I'll definitely pick up something from this list. Thanks for the recommendations!

It's such a hard task to find great self-help books because some of them expand one or two simple thoughts.

I picked up Carol S. Dweck's Mindset last year because I learned she coined the term growth mindset – a bit overused these days - so I wanted to see where it comes from.

The book was great, and the takeaways were amazing, but the book felt anecdotal, and I found no references for the studies she mentioned.

It's a great read, though.

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Such a great list and I loved the break down of each book.

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