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There are two types of Founders: technical and non-technical.

For a Technical founder, we start with an idea and move on to a Plan - Strategy - Execution.

And this might look something like this:

20+ Years: Vision 👁️

5+ Years: Mission🎯

<3 Years: Strategy 💡

Annual: Big, Hairy Goal ⛳️

Quarterly: Project Completion✅

Monthly: Strategy Realignment🧑‍🔧

Weekly: Check-Ins📲

Daily: Action🚶

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Very interesting post, Addy!

I have found that my brain thinks linearly, but when doing something new, the results are exponential.

The approach of micro-goals you propose is very relevant when trying something new. I'll focus on my actions and get information on what kind of results I can get. Putting a SMART goal on something I don't understand would be harder than just doing the micro-goal.

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Thank you Addy for all your writing.

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Amazing post thanks for sharing this. I really appreciated the strategies you shared, and also how you framed them as small bite sized micro-strategies (keeping in line with your theme about small actionable steps).

Keen to get your thoughts on things have worked for you to encourage others around you to get in the mode of doing these things (eg. Direct reports)? I’m a new lead of a team and keen to learn how to actively encourage this behaviour in my team members.

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Loved the article and personal story, Addy. I relate to that a lot. Similar to your story, I've had the idea of a book too, but have probably let perfectionism and procrastination take over too much.

I'm taking a micro-step this year of writing a "100 things every developer should know" pdf/book/guide (TBD exactly format), but the idea of it is that it's SOMETHING. Doesn't have to be super formal. Could be 1-3 sentences each.

Thanks for all your insightful articles as always, Addy. This one definitely gives me an extra push that I need

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