Great article Addy!

A couple of months ago, I was curious to know what me team things about those 5 metrics. As I’m in a small startup, we don’t have Google’s surveying capabilities :)

So I gathered the information by explaining the criteria and directly asking each team member about their score, and put it onto a google slide:


The ensuing discussion in the next team meeting was really interesting. The low score and structure & clarity (6.2) especially bugged me, as it was 100% on me and not that hard to fix.

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On many occasions, Trust has proved to be at the foundation of effectiveness, leadership, and influence.

Would you work with a team where you know members are working heads down, blindly following the agenda, or with a team where discussion is encouraged, and opinions are welcome?

In my experience, highlighting a team's purpose (at the top of the pyramid) led to higher dependability–not at Google scale, of course, talking about small teams or sometimes even individual contributors.

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