Awesome, Thank you for sharing.

In my curiosity I was also able to identify other types of Mindset:

- Fixed Mindset

- Growth Mindset

- Gambler Mindset

- Victim Mindset

- Zero Sum Mindset

- Follower Mindset

- “I’ll do it Later” Mindset

- One try Mindset

- My Way or No Way Mindset

- Gratitude Mindset

- Abundance Mindset

- Solution Oriented Mindset

- Creative Mindset

- Collector Mindset

- Winner takes all mindset

- Engineer mindset

Apparently some are more effective than others.

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Agree some are more effective than others! It’s important to recognize which mindset we’re operating from, as it greatly affects our decision-making, relationships, and personal growth.

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I find another one that bugs me most is "Passion Mindset" - it encourages us to do what we love and ignore all the shits

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It was sent to me just in time.

Thank you!

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My pleasure!

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Feels to me that a growth mindset can be nurtured through deliberate practice. Being a musician, for example, has given me direct evidence through continual feedback that we can transform our capabilities through dedicated learning with the right mindset. Just as we get better at technical things through practice, we can also get better at learning and growth through intentional practice.

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You're spot on. The journey of a musician is a solid example of how a growth mindset can be cultivated through practice. It's a clear demonstration that our abilities aren't fixed and can be enhanced significantly with dedication and the right approach.

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