Really interesting read, thanks! I read Bock's 'Work Rules!' a couple of years back, and I remember enjoying it a lot. The part I remember the most is the emphasis on data in hiring - 'don’t trust your gut, measure objectively and compare the results over time' (which is something organizations rarely do).

It's impressive that Google actually took the data-driven approach even to management skillls (with apparent success).

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Managers matter a lot. Unfortunately, I haven't had any at my first positions.

At my first job as a Java Developer, I embraced being behind the screens, solving coding problems, and not interacting with our customers. I don't think I knew what Soft Skills even meant. 4-person team, all engineers, boss is a tech guy with sales experience. I haven't met a single client for years. It was my dream job. Or at least I thought so.

As soon as I turned to freelancing and later to consulting, I learned the hard way that my silly coding problems were like 10% of how software is built.

Whether you're selling services or planning to build a solution, it always starts with _someone else_ where you immediately need those soft skills. I wish I had at least some coaching in soft skills.

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Wow, awesome write on lessons of what a good manager and management culture look like from Google’s project Oxygen.

It’s super noticeable how coaching, empowering, inclusivity, and results are the top four. And being strong technically is way down the list.

Definitely something I want to dig into more as a new manager so I can empower my team and be the best manager I can be for them.

Thanks for sharing Addy!

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