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First do it, then do it right, then do it better. I believe that the true essence of motivation and productivity doesn't lie in conforming to the usual patterns - it's about constantly redefining them. As an engineering leader with over a decade at Google, I have tried to weave my experiences and insights into a fabric of shareable wisdom about motivation, creativity, and the science of effective leadership.

In 'Elevate', I share not just my thoughts but also a curated collection of ideas, intriguing books, and articles that have shaped my understanding of what it means to lead and excel (or try to at least!). I delve into challenging long-held beliefs about leadership, and I'm here to share updates on my latest thinking and ongoing work. I also eagerly look forward to addressing questions from readers - your curiosity fuels this journey, so please feel free to submit your queries.

An Amazon bestselling author, I have written multiple books that resonate with a global audience, translated into several languages. My speaking engagements have taken me across the globe, delivering over 180 talks that blend the realms of technology and leadership. Today, I call California, my home, where I continue to explore the intersections of technology, leadership, and personal growth.

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Engineering leader at Google, #1 Bestselling Amazon author, Award-winning engineer and international speaker. I want to help you succeed. My writing is about motivation, productivity and leadership.